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At TMC we have a second company - Gamma Windows which provides our projects with high quality custom made windows & doors.

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What you can expect from our product - 

  • We guarantee that even the smallest parts of any window are manufactured with the highest of quality. We use selected noble wood for the manufacture of our products. We follow LST requirements as well as our own developed standards, which enable us to guarantee quality that is better than ever before.

  • We provide a 5-year warranty for our products and a 2-year manufacturer warranty for the fittings. Upon customer request, our expert staff will evaluate the condition of your windows twice a year and, if necessary, shall perform maintenance to ensure durability.

  • Upon your request, we will manufacture windows that comply with energy efficiency classes A+ and A++. During installation, we can also implement additional heat preservation devices to satisfy thermal efficiency requirements for passive houses. 

  • Our window fastening frames are installed from the inside. This helps to protect the home against break-ins by means of removing glass. We also use special high-security glass, which if hit shatters into small fragments with blunt edges, safe for both people and the interior.

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